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PP113 / THALARION – Towards The Obscure Slumberland (LP)

Thalarion 2023 - LPBand: THALARION         
Album: Towards The Obscure Slumberland
Style: Doom/death                           
Release date: September 2023
Type: 12´black vinyl
Catalogue number: PP113
Status in Pařátshop: Avaitable HERE
Listen on Youtube HERE


Side A:

01.  Lunatic’s Third Eye
02.  The Odyssey
03.  Perverse Love To God
04.  Thou, Who Walk To Eternity
05.  As The Memories Of Slavs Awake

Side B:
06.  The Pyramid of Sorrow
07.  Towards the Obscure Slumberland
08.  Unreal Delusions
09.  A Lullaby Untold

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