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PM61 / ABSTRACT – Remembrance – Instrumental Emotion / Aestuum II (MCMXCVIII)

PM61Band: ABSTRACT       
Album: Remembrance -Instrumental Emotion / Aestuum II (MCMXCVIII)
Style: Instrumental metal             
Release date: July 2017
Type: Digipak + 8 page booklet
Catalogue number: PM61
Status in Pařátshop: SOLD OUT
Listen on Youtube HERE


01.  Soulplanetarium
02.  Galaxis
03.  Shades Of Mountains
04.  Memories Throught The Overspeace
05.  And There Where Is No Light
06.  Assorted Feelings
07.  Eqilibrium (Tragic Opus)
08.  The Last Of Melancholy
09.  Mystical Fields On the Earth
10.  Eqilibrium (Astray)
11.  The End Of Romantics
12.  Shades Of Mountains

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