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PM51 / DISFIGURED CORPSE – 25 let Znetvořené Mrtvoly

Album: 25 let Znetvořené Mrtvoly
Style: Death/grind           
Release date: August 2016
Type: CD, jewel box, 12 page booklet
Catalogue number: PM51
Status in Pařátshop: Avaitable HERE
Listen on Youtube HERE


01.  I Feel Dislike (CONTRASTIC cover)
02.  Kladivo na čarodějnice (TÖRR cover)
03.  Straight To Hell (PLASTIC GRAVE cover)
04.  Orthodox (KRABATHOR cover)
05.  Protest (DEBUSTROL cover)
06.  Regressive Metamorphoses In The Parenchyma (MALIGNANT TUMOUR cover)
07.  Děda (BUŘINKY II cover)
08.  Breakthrough Situation (TESTIMONY cover)
09.  Nice To Eat You (FLESHLESS cover)
10.  Hřbitov (ROOT cover)
11.  Dům na demolici (H.N.F. cover)

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