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PM25 / DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY – Time Ruins Also Beauty 2LP

Album: Time Ruins Also Beauty
Style: Doom/death     
Release date: January 2013
Type: 2LP, gatefold, black vinyls
Catalogue number: PM25
Status in Pařátshop: SOLD OUT
Listen on Youtube HERE


Side A
01.  The Land Of Bird’s Spirit
02.  My Numb Wings

Side B
03.  Dazbog’s Heart
04.  Time Ruins Also Beauty
05.  The Gate To the Hereafter

Side C
06.  Celebration Of Trampled Flowers
07.  Unfilled Longings
08.  In Memory

Side D
09.  BIGOTRY – Pictures Of the Gloominess
10.  BIGOTRY – Love History
11.  BIGOTRY – Over the Grave Of My Love


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